Clinique Vétélys : Centre Vétérinaire 24/7 Genève

Clinique Vétélys, our passion:
Your pet’s health

The Vétélys clinic was created to bring to life the passion and values that drive us every day.
With more than 1,000m2 entirely dedicated to animals in modern, easy-to-access, single-storey premises, the new Vétélys veterinary clinic boasts state-of-the-art technical facilities never before available in Geneva:
High-field MRI, 32-bar scanner, endoscopes, digital and dental radiology, ultrasound.


An emergency? Need hospital care? Our companions can now benefit from 24/7 continuity of care.


Located in the heart of the Blandonnet district, the single-storey clinic is easily accessible. An outdoor parking lot and a large covered parking are at your disposal.


Appointments are possible every day from 7h3O to 19h00. We welcome you in English, French, German and Italian.

Unique in Switzerland


We offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary range of care in Geneva.
Clinique Vétélys is there to support you at every stage of your companion’s life.

24/7 emergency service

Urgent appointments, intensive care, resuscitation

A general medicine department

Vaccination consultations, general medical consultations

A general surgery department

Spaying, neuteuring, castration

Specialized services

Internal medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology and endoscopy
Surgery: soft-tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive surgery
Functional rehabilitation and physiotherapy
Neurology and neurological surgery.
Behavioral disorders
Dentistry and dental surgery

A state-of-the-art imaging service, unique in Geneva:

A Philips high-field 1.5 Tesla MRI
Veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly similar to human medicine. The various medical imaging techniques each have their advantages. Certain tissues, organs or lesions are only visible through MRI. MRI is the reference examination for the exploration of intracranial or spinal neurological pathologies. MRI is a painless, non-irradiating examination.

A Philips 32-bar CT scanner
CT scans (also known as computed tomography) can be prescribed for your pet to explore certain organs (thorax, abdomen, joints, etc.) in greater detail, for example, to assess the spread of cancer or to perform a final orthopedic check-up. By combining X-rays (like radiography) with powerful computer supports, it can produce images of the body in very thin sections.

General medicine

Médecine générale

Health check-ups and vaccinations, ENT consultations, gastroenterology, endocrinology, uronephrology, dermatology, gynecology and follow-up of chronic diseases.
Internal medicine; hospitalizations, follow-up of complex and interdisciplinary cases.
Second opinion



Echocardiography, electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure measurement.

Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery

Chirurgie des tissus mous et orthopédiques

Castrations, sterilizations
Stomach dilatation-torsion syndrome, gastrotomy, gastropexy, enterotomy, enterectomy, cystotomy, ureterostomy, splenectomy, ...
Patella dislocation, cranial cruciate ligament rupture, osteosynthesis: simple and complex fractures

Minimally invasive surgery

Chirurgie mini-invasive

Laparoscopy: bitch sterilization, biopsies, gastropexy, cryptorchidism...

Oncology / Cancerology

Oncologie / Cancérologie

Oncosurgery, extension assessment, cancer chemotherapy (malignant lymphomas, mastocytomas, etc.)

Medical imaging

First high-field MRI in the Lake Geneva region, first center to combine MRI and scanner

Medical imaging

First high-field MRI in the Lake Geneva region, first center to combine MRI and CT.
Digital radiography with flat panel sensor, ultrasound - Doppler, scanner and high-field MRI.



Rhinoscopy, Laryngoscopy, Bronchoscopy,
Bronchoalveolar lavage, Gastroscopy,
Colonoscopy, Cystoscopy, Otoscopy



Biochemical tests, haematology, ionograms, coagulation tests... .
Outsourced laboratory: anatomopathology, serology, PCR...



Dental medicine and surgery
Dental radiology
Scaling, polishing, simple and complex extractions FLAP technique (feline gingivostomatitis)



Specialized consultations, spine and brain surgery.



Post-operative follow-up, treatment of neurodegenerative disorders, functional re-education, geriatric rehabilitation.... imove platform, swimming mat

Behavioral medicine

Médecine comportementale

Diagnosis of behavioral disorders and implementation of behavioral therapies (urinary incontinence, separation anxiety, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, etc.).

Passionate veterinarians

Our team


Specialists in animal health,
Vétélys vets are passionate about their work.
The well-being of your animals is their priority.
Their skills, complementarity and exceptional equipment enable our vets to care for your animals in the best possible conditions.

Les assistantes en Médecine Vétérinaires de Vétélys

Our Veterinary Medical Assistants

Céline, Claudia, Corinne, Anais, Laetitia , Patricia and Elsa welcome you and your pets. They assist the vets and make sure your pets have the best possible stay at the clinic.

Chien soigné à la clinique vétérinaire de Vétélys

Answers to your questions

Practical info

Our address

route de Pré-Bois 6
1214 Vernier

Contact us

022 719 10 10

Opening hours

Consultations by appointment Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 7:00pm
Hospital visiting hours
24/7 emergency

Preparing your visit

Are home visits possible?

No, all visits take place at the clinic.

Do you treat all pets?

Yes, at Vétélys we specialize in veterinary care for a wide variety of animals. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster.

Are you equipped to handle all pathologies?

At Vétélys, we have modern equipment and experienced staff to deal with a wide range of animal pathologies. From general medicine to specialized surgery, we are prepared to diagnose and treat common ailments as well as more complex cases.

What kind of veterinary services do you offer?

We offer a full range of veterinary services, including medical consultations, vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, radiological examinations, laboratory analyses, nutritional advice and much more. Our goal is to care for your pet’s overall health and well-being.

What measures are taken to ensure the comfort of animals during visits?

At Vétélys, we understand the importance of animal comfort. We strive to create a welcoming and soothing environment for animals during their visits. Our waiting rooms are designed to reduce stress, and our veterinarians and technicians are trained to interact with gentleness and compassion.

How can I book an appointment for my pet?

You can make an appointment by calling our veterinary clinic on 022 719 10 10. We recommend that you plan your appointment in advance.

Do you offer veterinary emergency services?

Yes, we offer 24/7 veterinary emergency services. In the event of an emergency, please contact us immediately on 022 719 10 10 so that we can take the necessary action.

Write to us


If you have any questions, please use the contact form or email us directly:
Please note that appointments can only be made by telephone.

Bâtiment qui héberge Vétélys, clinique vétérinaire et urgences  vétérinaires à Genève

Veterinary emergencies 24/7

The Riantbosson practice evolves into the Vétélys clinic.


Established in Geneva for over 30 years

The Riantbosson practice is evolving to become your new veterinary clinic: La clinique Vétélys.


Your vets and specialists

Led by Riantbosson's long-standing team of emergency physicians and specialists, we welcome you to our new premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for general, specialist and emergency care.


Your history

All your files will be transferred and you'll find your favorite vets there.